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A1 Computer Training FAQ


Can we customise your course?

Absolutely! The biggest advantage of being an onsite trainer is that I can tailor the training to your organisation's requirements. You can pick and choose topics for one Microsoft Office application or across multiple applications. For example, you may want to cover most topics from the Excel Intermediate course but include formulas from the beginner level. Or perhaps you want to cover the basics of Word and Outlook in the one day.

If my standard course outlines aren't exactly what you require, I am happy to offer assistance with devising a specialised program.

What Onsite Training Materials Do You Provide?

Training manuals are emailed in PDF format prior to the course, which can be freely distributed within your organisation as you deem fit. The manuals are very practical and easy to follow with step-by-step instructions and full of time-saving tips. Training files which will be used by the participants throughout the course will also be provided beforehand.

I bring my own laptop to connect to your audio-visual device (such as a TV or Projector). For a small surcharge, I can also provide a data projector or up to 3 additional laptops, if required.

Is there a maximum number of participants per class?

I don't set a maximum class size and the more people who attend, the more cost-effective the training becomes, (although less than 20 people is ideal).

However, what's more important is trying to group participants by approximate skill level. Attendees should have the prerequisite skills to attend the Intermediate and Advanced classes (which are typically at a higher level than other trainers). This ensures that attendees at lower skill levels don't become overwhelmed and those at the higher skill levels are actively engaged and interested.

Our organisation is not based in SE QLD, Sydney or Melbourne. Will you come to us?

I have often travelled to other cities or regional and remote areas. Please note though that there may be a travel charge, depending on the size of the training and travel costs involved.

What is the duration of your course?

My standard training times are 9:00am to 4:30pm with about 45 minutes for lunch and short morning and afternoon tea breaks. These times are of course totally flexible. I always aim to be at your office around 20 minutes beforehand to set up.

Other options are available such as two half-day sessions in one day or just a half day course. The fees involved depend on location and other factors. Please contact me for a quote if you have specific requirements.

Do you conduct training for MAC or other Applications?

No I only offer structured training in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word and customised training for Access and Outlook. I cover Windows PC versions 2010, 2013 and 2016 (including Office 365). From January 2019, I no longer offer training in versions 2007 or earlier.